2015 | analytics & accountability

You'll notice this isn't a recipe post and that's because 2015 is going to bring more wellness posts in addition to recipe posts, though they will continue to remain a huge element of the blog.

This first post focuses on accountability to yourself and how analytics can help keep you on track to reach your goals. 


Only you are accountable to your health, which is why analytics and accountability are important and can help you get where you want to go. Here are some tips to help you reach your goals:

  • Set monthly goals. Goals should always be specific and measurable (ie. 20 workout this month), achievable within the month and written down. Hey! I've even created a document for you to use to set your goals. If monthly is too frequent for you, you can use another time measurement, just follow the same rules as above. Grab that document here
  • Preparation. I will go more into this in a later post, but preparation is key to staying on track. I try to set aside an hour on Sundays to grocery shop and prepare my food for the week. If I make at least 3 lunches for the week, I'm happy. 
  • Scheduling. Always look at your calendar for the week ahead and slot in your workouts, literally schedule them in. This will help you stick to your goals for the month. 


I can't help myself, I work in marketing so analytics is what I do all day. So naturally I applied it to my health. Here is where I've invested my time and energy to help keep me accountable to my goals:

  • A heart rate monitor. I got a Polar FT4M and this thing has been a game changer. I put it on before every workout and can track my heart rate throughout my workout. At the end of the session I know exactly how many calories I burned and can track my improvements, I can literally see myself getting fitter. It's addictive, I promise. 
  • MyfitnessPal. While I don't condone always tracking everything that you eat because it can lead to unhealthy habits, it's not a bad idea if you need a reset or want to track the composition of what you're eating. 
  • MapMyRun. It's not just for running, it tracks all your activity and sends you weekly and monthly summaries of how much you worked out. You can't fake it when the numbers are right in front of you. I love the monthly email as it helps me easily plot out my fitness goals in my document without having to go back and count them out.

What are your thoughts? Do you use any other goal setting or measuring tools for your health & fitness? 

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